AWS Security Audit

Audit your AWS accounts for security with over 30+ Environment and Account wide controls.

Other Audits we can perform:
AWS Security Audit introduction

What a Stage 1 Audit Covers?

Optimise spending on AWS

With Amazon Web Services, get visibility into where you can spend less money so you can focus on innovation and optmising your use of AWS services.

Backup and Protect

Ensure data is protected and backed up securely and regularly as well as the ability to recover from any unexpected events.

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Problems Our Cloud Audits Identify

“We identified a production database that would not be restored to a point in time, this directly linked to ours and customer transaction revenue.”
“After an initial audit we were able to reduce our support costs by over 20% of overall cloud spend on AWS”
“After doing an audit we right sized our infrastructure and looked at refactoring our applications to become more cloud native.”

What Does Our Audit Cover?

AWS Account Cost and Security:
  • Account Level: AWS Account, Organizations
  • Auditing: AWS Config, AWS CloudTrail
  • IAM: Roles, Groups, Users and Policies
  • Billing: Alerts, Savings Plans, Reserved Instances
Common IaaS and Related Services
  • IAAS: EC2, RDS, EBS, Backups, Load Balancers, VPC, Route53, Containers
  • Storage and Delivery: S3 Buckets, CloudFront
  • Serverless: Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB
Various other services including:
  • Messaging: SQS, SNS, SES
  • Amazon Workspaces
  • AWS Certificate Manager

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